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Hank Kunneman Predicts Another Holocaust Unless Donald Trump Is Immediately Reinstated

Hank Kunneman Predicts Another Holocaust Unless Donald Trump Is Immediately Reinstated

Right-wing propaganda “prophet” Hank Kunneman – one of the preeminent right-wing religious charlatans who continue to wrongly insist that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump – proclaimed during his weekly sermon on Sunday that Joe Biden is only pretending to be the president, and warned that somebody could “take your kids out of your home,” “rape your wife,” and “put you in a concentration camp” if Trump is not immediately returned to power.

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“President Trump, it’s clearly evident that he won the election,” Kunneman declared. “Anybody with a brain can see on the night of the election he was winning by a clear indication that that’s where the election was going. Why in Hell – it’s not a cuss word, I’m talking about a location and an agenda – why would you stop everything and have a guy who was supposed to be – he’s our pretendant, number 46—[he] gets up and starts announcing that he won when the numbers at that time didn’t reflect it? And then after he makes that announcement, which was a clarion call, they did it because they got nervous because all of their Dominion machines were messing up, that they stopped the election. Who does that? OK, get a brain? Do you really think that there’s not an agenda? Get a brain? Why did they try so many times to impeach this guy?”

Trump was impeached for attempting to extort Ukraine into inventing dirt on Biden and for inciting an insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th as a last-ditch effort to overturn the election. Republicans in the Senate acquitted him both times.

Because the devil doesn’t want this man to represent us, and it’s obvious by what’s happening in Afghanistan. Come on. Wake up. And all the other things that are happening in the nation. Open borders. Are you here?” he asked his sparsely-populated, very white audience.

“YES!” they chirped.

“So what happens is, we – whether you believe the prophets, don’t believe the prophets, could care less, you voted for the other guy or you voted – the bottom line is we need the rightful president in position of power. We need that settled. Here’s why we need it settled. If it’s not settled, then can you really ever trust in the future? Quit talking 2022, people. Some of you politicians that watch me, quit talking 2022 if you won’t fight for 2020. You’re a joke,” Kunneman, whose predictions never come true, said.

“It has to be settled because here’s what the woke culture wants. They want you to ignore the 2020 election, and they want you to ignore the fact that President Trump really did win by a landslide, and it’s proven, and it’s going to continue to be proven,” he continued.

Trump lost the election to Biden by substantial margins and no evidence has been found that the results were improper.

Arizona’s coming out with a – it’s gonna continue to snowball. But here’s the thing, what do we do? Do we just ignore it? That’s what they want you to do. This this this evil agenda that Hell has, they want you to ignore it. You know why they want you to ignore it? Cause if you can ignore it, then hey, ‘we can have a stolen election, we can have a fraudulent administration,'” Kunneman yelled.

“It’s obvious they don’t care about the American citizens. That’s why they open your borders and let anything in and anything go. It’s why they don’t care about their own citizens in Afghanistan. Are you proud that you voted for that clown? Listen to me. You know why we cannot let it go? And here’s the thing. He has to be reinstated. Here’s why he has to be reinstated. So it proves the prophets right? STOP! Here’s why,” Kunneman bellowed.

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“And right wing ding wing that writes about me, pfffffft. There you go, write about that,” he added, referring to Right Wing Watch’s coverage of his ballistics.

“Now listen. Here’s why it has to be – here’s why it has to be reinst – you’re a joke. Yeah you are. Anyway, I I I I I mock you because you’re wrong. And you’re idiots,” Kunneman said. “So here’s the thing. The truth of the matter is this listen. He has to be reinstated. Why? Because he legally won, he righteously won, and here’s why. If you ignore it, if you ignore it, then it’s saying that they can get by with anything. What next? They’re already trying to force a vaccination that they don’t even know if it works. What next? Shut your churches down? Take your kids out of your home? Rape your wife? Put you in a concentration camp? Who knows? I know they’re really gonna mess with that one. I didn’t say that’s what they’re gonna do. That’s why you gotta stand up, 81 million of you. Stand up.”

Trump did not receive 81 million votes.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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