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Hank Kunneman Compares MyPillow Putz to John the Baptist

Hank Kunneman Compares MyPillow Putz to John the Baptist

For-profit prophet Hank Kunneman said on Tuesday’s edition of his Flashpoint television program that Mike Lindell – the comically self-owning MyPillow founder and lead torchbearer for former President Donald Trump’s “big lie” – was dispatched by God in the same manner as John the Baptist.


“There’s a scripture that says that ‘there was a man sent from Heaven, and his name was John,’” Kunneman said, quoting John 1:6. “There’s a man sent from Heaven named Mike Lindell that God is using to wake up America with a different kind of awakening, and it’s called a great awakening to the truth and truth will have a voice.”

Mike Lindell and truth do not belong in the same sentence.

“And I wanna just say this, Pastor Gene, God prophesied back on August 16th of 2020, so maybe you’re watching and say ‘well I don’t believe in prophecy.’ Well, listen to this. August 16th – documented prophecy from our ministry – God said they would steal the election, there would be a delay, and that they would have a planned, chaotic thing that they would do. The prophecy then goes on and says God will give a sign. There’ll be a great unmasking. When the masks come off the mouths, you will see who did this, where they did this, when they did this and why they did this,” Kunneman said.

Indeed we did – when Trump galvanized his horde to mount an armed insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th.

“And God says when that mask comes off, there will be a removal of political figures,” he added.

“Boy, I wonder who that can be? Well, the false clown administration that is in there illegally,” Kunneman continued. “And that’s why God is using men like this and others for the truth to come out because God is restoring, Pastor Gene, our nation back to divine order. And it’s why we’ve got to stand as bold Christians, preachers, those of you that voted for President Trump, you stood for what’s right. Listen: Payday is coming, and it’s coming fast.”

Kunneman’s unjustifiable confidence stems from a dream he claims to have had involving Trump.

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“And I just wanna say this. I had a dream on Sunday. “God speaks to me in dreams, and I asked the president – he called me in the dream – and I asked him, I said, ‘How are things going President Trump?’ And he said to me, ‘Hank, it’s going to happen sooner than you think.’ And then he said these words; he said, ‘Tell the people that they have been and are aggressively working on this and we are going to see our nation restored to the people.’ And then the dream switched, and we were in some big meeting place, and we were singing the national anthem, and he had his hand over his heart, the military were there, and the patriots of America were rejoicing,” Kunneman proclaimed.

“This is what’s coming, and I’m telling you we cannot back off. What we need to do is get behind men like this who God is using to bring the truth out because it’s gonna shift things very soon,” he predicted.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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