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Hank Kunneman Asks God to ‘Silence’ the People Laughing at His Stupid Predictions

Hank Kunneman Asks God to ‘Silence’ the People Laughing at His Stupid Predictions

For-profit prophet Hank Kunneman of the Omaha, Nebraska-based Lord of Hosts Church asked God this week to “silence” people who refused to take seriously his false and undead claim that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and his foredoomed prediction that Trump will be magically returned to power this year by the hand of the almighty.


Speaking into his microphone while short of breath against a backdrop of the American flag, Kunneman – who somehow still has followers despite his visions of future events being proven embarrassingly wrong on a regular basis – begged the Lord to stop people from making fun of him.

“God, people have laughed at you. They’ve laughed at your prophets, they’ve laughed at your church, they’ve laughed at your intercessors, they’ve laughed at the patriots, they’ve laughed at those that voted for 45. Now I’m praying that their laughter would be turned into silence as you laugh,” Kunneman said during a sermon. “It’s your turn now, God, to laugh out of the heavens and to show the Earth that you’re a just God.”

Clearly, it has never occurred to Kunneman – or any other of the self-proclaimed microphones for the Divine – that the answer to their prayers may in fact be a resounding “no.”

Kunneman’s musings are becoming increasingly bizarre. Last Tuesday, he declared on his Flashpoint television program that Mike Lindell – the comically self-owning MyPillow founder and torchbearer for Trump’s “big lie” – was dispatched by God in the same manner as John the Baptist.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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