Hakeem Jeffries: It's Not Our Job to Tell House GOP Who's Voting

Mike Johnson has consistently proven that he is not really experienced enough to be the Speaker of the House. Last night, the Louisiana congressman humiliated himself and his party by holding a vote to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas. The party didn't have the votes, though, and the measure failed. 

The Republicans didn't realize that Democrat Al Green, who was in the hospital, planned on voting. His vote helped since the GOP and Marjorie Taylor Greene wasn't happy about it. The MAGA congresswoman whined:

"They [Democrats] hid one of their members, waiting until the last minute watching the CR votes, trying to throw us off from the numbers we had versus the numbers they had… that was a strategy at play tonight."

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries was asked today, "did Democrats led GOP leaders know that they had full attendance? If not, why, and could you categorize your relationship with Speaker Johnson."

It's not our responsibility to let House Republicans know which or which not members might be present on the House floor on any other day or in connection with any other vote."