Hackers Have The Dirt on Trump: Now, They Want $42 Million, or They Release It!

During the 2016 election season, hackers stole data from the DNC and from individuals close to candidate Hillary Clinton, to Donald Trump’s apparent delight. He even publicly called for any country in possession of the data to release it, saying that the American media would love it. Now, hackers say they’re in possession of private Trump information, and if they don’t get paid a hefty ransom, they’ll make it public.

hackers dump dirt on Trump if they dont get $42 mil
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

According to Raw Story, a hacker group known as REvil has carried out an attack on law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, an entertainment and media law firm, and successfully harvested 765GB of data. They demanded $21 million to not release the data publicly, then, announcing that the data included “dirty laundry,” on President Trump, they doubled the demand.

An anonymous source told reporters that the law firm has no intention of negotiating, especially since there’s nothing to prevent the hackers from taking the money, then releasing the data anyway.

Trump hasn’t spoken publicly about the hack, but when Clinton’s information was stolen in 2016, he called on Russia to see if they could find personal emails that Clinton deleted from her private server. W

When stolen data, including emails between Clinton’s campaign team members, were posted on Wikileaks, Trump gleefully tweeted news reports about the contents.

However, the president has been very private about his own data, fighting at the Supreme Court in the past week to block subpoenas into his tax returns and other documents. As for the stolen data, the thieves are warning that if it was released, it would destroy Trump’s presidency, and demanding that he convince the law firm to pay the $42 million ransom, with a one-week deadline.

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