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Haberman: Trump is Trying to Repair GOP Relationships Because He’s Worried About J6 Probe [VIDEO]

Haberman: Trump is Trying to Repair GOP Relationships Because He’s Worried About J6 Probe [VIDEO]

Over his entire adult life, Donald Trump has very rarely faced consequences for his actions. So having the J6 committee hammer him day after day has been really difficult for the former President.

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Trump has frequently been enraged by the hearings, slamming former friends and demanding ‘equal time.’ According to Maggie Haberman, the 45th President has moved onto a new stage; attempting to mend fences.

During Tuesday morning’s New Day host John Brennan asked the NY Times scribe, “You have some really interesting reporting about Trump being in kind of fence-mending mode and reaching out to people that he’s quite surprising fence-mending with.”

“There’s a couple things,” Haberman responded. “One is he endorsed Tom Cole, a congressman who has been pretty critical of him. When Nancy Mace, who he savaged in South Carolina, won her primary where, you know, he backed her opponent. He then did some, you know, noted magnanimity on her social media website saying congratulations or something to that effect. He is, as one adviser said to me in friend-making mode and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I don’t think it is about running for president, I think it’s about the investigations.”

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The reporter continued, “I think a lot of what is driving him right now is about concern about the various investigations and I think he is trying to make more friends than enemies at the moment. Now, could it benefit for him if he ran for president and won? Absolutely. But I think the investigations have a — in the House and otherwise — have a large mind share.”

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