Gun-Waving, Protestor-Threatening GOP Candidate Wins Primary Election

A Republican Congressional candidate who released a campaign ad that consisted of cocking a gun and threatening protestors won her primary election Thursday night. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who hopes to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional district in the U.S. House received congratulations from President Donald Trump Friday morning on her win.

Marjorie Green threatens antifa for Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Greene/YouTube]

Because she did not receive more than 50% of the vote, Ballotpedia explains, Greene will face the candidate who received the second-most votes in a run-off in August. However, barring a significant shift in voter sentiment between now and then, Greene is in the lead — in Thursday’s primary she received more than twice as many votes as the runner-up, John Cowan.

Earlier this month, Greene posted a campaign ad in which she regurgitates the right-wing myth that antifa is invading cities to loot and destroy (Forbes notes that despite arrests and federal charges against dozens of participants during the protests, the Justice Department’s records show no evidence of antifa involvement.)

Greene goes on to implicitly threaten protestors, ordering them to stay out of North Georgia, and cocking her weapon. She openly admits that the ad was removed from Facebook for inciting violence, spinning this as ‘censorship’ of her and support of terrorism.

It’s not just her primary, either — according to Washington Post, polls suggest she can be expected to win the congressional seat. If so, she won’t be the first U.S. elected official to campaign with a rifle or to threaten constituents, but she may be the first member of Congress openly connected to QAnon, a right-wing fringe conspiracy theory group that has actually been flagged by the FBI for potential domestic terrorism threats.

Donald Trump congratulated Greene Friday morning, retweeting a link that describes her ad’s Facebook ban and her primary win.

As Greene celebrated her win, she thanked Trump, repeated tropes about Democrats taking away guns and destroying cities, and retweeted a constituent’s post calling Dems dogs.

Greene liberals are dogs
[Screenshot via Twitter/Marjorie Taylor Greene]

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s GOP primary runoff is on August 11.

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