Greg Abbott Says Terrible Texas COVID-19 Number Will Look Worse Next Week

The federal government of the United States has all but given up on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. That responsibility is now basically up to each individual state. Some have been doing a better job of preventing a rise in cases than others.

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

One state that has had a terrible time preventing cases in Texas. The Lone Star state broke a record on Saturday with a total of 10,351 new coronavirus cases. The Governor of the state, Greg Abbott, recently said that things will be getting worse before they get better.

Greg Abbott made the comments while speaking with FOX 26 in Houston. He told the station, “I gotta tell you, I think the numbers are going to look worse as we go into next week. And we need to make sure that there’s going to be plenty of hospital beds available in the Houston area.”

The governor continued, “The last thing we want to do is shut things down again. The only strategy we have to prevent that from happening is by everybody wearing a mask.”

The Governor has long been aware the reopening the state could result in a rise in cases. He said on May 6th:

“How do we know reopening businesses won’t result in the faster spread and more cases of COVID-19? Listen, the fact of the matter is, pretty much every scientific and medical report shows that whenever you have a reopening – whether you want to call it a reopening of business or just a reopening of society in the aftermath of something like this — that it actually will lead to an increase in spread. It’s almost ipso facto. The more that you have people out there, the greater the possibility there is for transmission. The goal never has been to get transmission of COVID-19 down to zero.”

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