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Grassley Goes Off On Woman Afraid Of Losing Her Healthcare

Grassley Goes Off On Woman Afraid Of Losing Her Healthcare

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) balked at questions this week from a woman at a town hall event who asked why the senator kept trying to repeal a law that was literally saving her life.

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The woman, who is unidentified in a video posted to YouTube from Progress Iowa, was sitting in the audience attempting to get Grassley to answer basic questions about the Affordable Care Act — namely, why he voted so many times for its repeal, and what he’d do to ensure she could stay alive.

What was the senator’s plans for “those of us with pre-existing conditions, people who are on their parents’ insurance, and again, people like myself who need life-guaranteeing medication?” the woman asked.

The question was a serious one for her. “We could lose our insurance and I’d probably be dead in two months,” she added.

Grassley began answering the question with a long-winded response to court challenges to the law. The woman interjected, asking specifically what Grassley wanted to do.

“You voted seven times to repeal it. Why? What are you going to do for people on the ACA?” she again asked.

“Well, first of all, it’s not going to get repealed,” Grassley said.

The woman wasn’t satisfied with Grassley’s answer, and tried again to get the senator to explain what his and other Republicans’ plans would be to save her in the event the law is repealed. Grassley explained that the Senate failed to pass the repeal previously, and even if they could, the House of Representatives, now controlled by Democrats, wouldn’t agree to repeal the law.

The senator bent his body down toward the woman, and appeared to “lose his patience” with her, as some on social media pointed out. “So what are you worried about?” he asked the woman.

Repeal of the law may not be possible in Congress, as Grassley pointed out, but the end of the law could come about from a court challenge presently making its way through the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, according to reporting from Politico. A lower federal court in Texas ruled late last year that the ACA was unconstitutional.

Whether affirmed or not, the ruling from the 5th Circuit Court could potentially be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has two new conservative justices on the bench since the last time they heard a case regarding the law was presented to them.

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