Graham Walks Back Use of Mail-In Ballots As Trump OK’s Them (For Florida)

Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who once famously said, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it,” has once again reversed himself on something he said that has ties to Trump: voting by mail.

In May of this year, Graham encouraged his constituents to vote by mail, as he has done himself, but has now reversed his statement in support of Trump’s attack on the process, claiming voting by mail nationally will lead to massive voter fraud. Neither Trump nor Graham has presented any evidence to back up these claims, but it’s obvious that Trump and his closest supporters fear an overwhelming loss in November. The inconsistent messaging was made even more confusing today with Trump’s announcement that voting by mail is fine in Florida, where he recently established residency.


Graham is facing a tough re-election in his home state of South Carolina, and while he continues to encourage voting by mail at the state level, he doesn’t favor the same exact thing nationally. A spokesman for the Senator says Graham does not support a nationwide expansion, falsely claiming that it would make “ballot harvesting” legal.

This is typical messaging from Graham, says his opponent, Jaime Harrison via his own spokesman. “Classic Lindsey Graham: Say one thing and do another.”

While this issue was never raised during the 2016 campaign, it has become a contentious topic in the wake of new polls showing Joe Biden outpacing Trump in every state, including swing states and formerly red states like Texas. Trump has already succeeded in appointing a new Postmaster General to slow down the mail service with the intention to impact mail-in ballots from arriving by election deadlines.

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