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Graham: Senate Would be Glad to Hear What Giuliani Has Discovered

Graham: Senate Would be Glad to Hear What Giuliani Has Discovered

Lindsey Graham has certainly been making his presence felt throughout the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. The South Carolina senator made waves this weekend by claiming he would not be a “fair juror” when the case reaches the senate.

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Rudy Giuliani has also been an important figure during the process. The former New York City mayor says he has uncovered incredible corruption during a recent trip to the Ukraine. Graham, this weekend, attempted to validate Giuliani by saying that he would be happy for the Trump lawyer to appear before the senate.

The South Carolina senator made the comments while appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation. Graham began, “Well, I don’t know what he found, but if he wants to come the Judiciary Committee — Rudy, if you want to come and tell us what you found, I’ll be glad to talk to you. When it comes to impeachment, I want to base my decision on the record assembled in the House.”

Graham was formerly very close with former Vice President and senate colleague Joe Biden. But this weekend, he said that he is happy to have Giuliani implicate the Democratic presidential hopeful.

“We can look at what Rudy’s got and Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and anything else you want to look at after impeachment,” said Graham. “But if Rudy wants to come to the Judiciary Committee and testify about what he found, he’s welcome to do so.”

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Before a senate trial, impeachment would have to pass in the house. Congress expects to vote on impeachment articles this week.


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