Graham Heading To Warm, Sunny Florida For Trumpfest Golf Weekend

Another Republican senator is heading south to escape the cold and snow. Unlike internationally shamed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who abandoned his dying, freezing constituents and puppy to jet off to Cancun, Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina is proudly and publicly making his way to Florida this weekend to join former guy Donald Trump on the golf course.

The advertised purpose of the senator’s sojourn is to try to stitch back together the fraying top ranks of whatever the Republican Party is these days. A number of leading GOP voices, including Wyoming’s Rep. Liz Cheney, Illinois’s Adam Kinzinger, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky desperately want the self-described “party of Lincoln” to quickly and permanently distance itself from the former president.

According to a person familiar with his plans, Graham intends to spend his time on the golf course with Trump trying to convince him that regaining congressional majorities for Republicans will help bolster his own presidential legacy. This person said Graham wants to be “constructive,” urging Trump to use his influence for the party’s good. Another goal of the trip is to tamp down the escalating feud between Trump and McConnell.

(Photo by congress.gov via Getty Images)

“They’re now at each other’s throat,” Graham said on Fox News this week. “I’m more worried about 2022 than I’ve ever been. I don’t want to eat our own. President Trump is the most consequential Republican in the party. If Mitch McConnell doesn’t understand that, he’s missing a lot.”

Graham will be the third top Republican to journey to Palm Beach to meet with Trump. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana already have paid their respects to “the Don” at his Florida retirement home.

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