Graham Flips Off Biden’s Call For Unity, Attacks Hunter Biden Minutes After Inauguration

Most prominent Republican lawmakers turned down Donald Trump’s invitation to see him off Wednesday morning, opting instead to attend Joe Biden’s swearing in as 46th president of the United States. One of those was Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham. The newly inaugurated president’s speech is being hailed as one of the best ever, but clearly the South Carolina senator wasn’t paying attention.

Biden’s theme was unity and healing. “Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire, destroying everything in its path,” Biden said. He also said, “On this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation.”

Mere minutes after the ceremony concluded, before Biden and his family had even exited the building, Graham gave a figurative middle finger to the new president’s call to tone down the nastiness of political discourse as he attacked Hunter Biden. During an interview on CBS, Graham said, “If Mike Pence’s son had been accused of doing the things that Hunter Biden did you wouldn’t be asking me does it hurt my relationship with Vice President Pence to make sure that these things are looked at. So, I like Joe Biden but what I can’t get over is the fact there are allegations about Hunter Biden and his brother monetizing the vice presidency and all of a sudden you’re a bad guy if you want to let the process move forward.”

Graham then threw down the “whataboutism” card and complained about how unfairly the outgoing president’s family had been treated. “Nobody hesitated to send a wrecking ball to the Trump family so all I can say is if you want to heal the nation we need to start anew.”

Clearly Graham has no immediate intention of doing anything to dampen the raging fire of Washington politics.


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