Graham Begs “Help Me, Help Us” After Confirming Barrett

Lindsey Graham is one week away from potentially losing his long-held Senate seat thanks to his public deterioration from John McCain’s ally and a vocal opponent to Donald Trump’s nomination to one of Trump’s top sycophants. Graham refused to take a COVID19 test prior to a South Carolina Senate debate with his opponent, Jaime Harrison, who’s been able to take advantage of Graham’s erratic, and apparently racist, behavior and has a slight lead over the much-maligned confirmed Southern bachelor in the polls.

Graham’s panic over the possibility of a loss to Harrison has been apparent thanks to a series of unbalanced interviews where he’s complained about everything from Democrats “hating his guts” while his opponent outraises him. The public outcry surrounding the Senate’s confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett has also given Graham something to worry about.

Soon after the vote took place, Graham crowed about the victory on Fox News, saying “the left is going out of their minds” with a glee he didn’t bother to contain. But he also seemed to worry that he was jinxing things by enjoying the anger from Democrats a little too much, essentially begging viewers to help him and his colleagues save their seats, which are now in an even more precarious position thanks to an angry and motivated Democratic voting base who have already been turning up in record numbers a full week before the official November 3rd Election Day.

“She is now on the court. Mission accomplished.” Graham says in the clip. “The left is going nuts tonight… Help me, help all of us keep our seats…”

Graham is just one of 23 vulnerable Republican Senators who are at risk of losing their seats, and therefore the Republican stranglehold on the Senate as well. Democrats need to flip only three seats to take control of the Senate (four if the Vice Presidency isn’t won by Democratic nominee Kamala Harris).

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