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‘Grab America by the p*ssy’ shirts are normalizing rape culture in America

‘Grab America by the p*ssy’ shirts are normalizing rape culture in America

President-elect Donald Trump has admitted to “grabbing women by the p*ssy” just because he can. Sadly, his remarks have been turned into a t-shirt which is essentially normalizing rape culture in America.

The “Grab America by the P*ssy” shirt went on sale recently at Spencer’s and experts say the shirt does nothing more than normalize sexual assault during a time of unrest.

There has already been a lot of uncertainty raised because of women’s rights comments Donald Trump made during a very tumultuous election cycle. Trump has shown a shocking misunderstanding of the gender wage gap and maternity leave, and his ignorance about sexual assault has been highlighted regularly.

Trump has also repeatedly used the public forum to attack and degrade any women who have challenged him in even the most trivial of matters.

The sellers of the “Grab America by the P*ssy” t-shirts think this is all one big joke. Here’s the t-shirts description:

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“He’s done it again. The Donald grabbed America by the pu$$y this election, now you can too with this hilarious political tee! This laugh out loud Spencer’s exclusive shirt is perfect for reminding everyone that Trump’s in charge.”

The t-shirts were sold out as of Monday.

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