Governors in Every Single State Have Higher COVID Rating Than Trump

When COVID-19 began, Donald Trump assembled a pandemic response team and appointed Vice President Mike Pence as the leader. The President later pushed away from leading the charge against the illness and instructed state governors that they are on their own.

The White House/Flickr

While each state has its own unique challenges, most Americans have been pleased with their way their leaders have handled the situation. According to a poll conducted by Harvard, Rutgers and Northwestern, residents of all 50 states prefer their leader’s response to that of Trump.

The approval for Trump’s response did not crack 60% in any of the states. His highest marks came in Wyoming at 59% and West Virginia at 57%.

A number of Governors, like Larry Hogan (MD), Charlie Baker (MA), Andrew Cuomo (NY), Gavin Newsome (CA) and Andy Beshear (KY) had scores in the 70’s and 80’s.

Harvard Professor Matthew Baum, who helped author the study, said:

“If you think about this in terms of the credibility of the messenger, you basically have a Republican president telling people that they should get back to regular business. Who is going to be more credible to counter-argue that — a Democrat who has a partisan interest in disagreeing with the president, or a Republican? The governors are the ones who are seen at the helm, much more than the White House.”

Fast forwarding to the looming November Presidential election, Trump had poor figures in a number of swing states. The President was underwater in Michigan (36%), Iowa (46%), Florida (47%) and North Carolina (47%).

The full report can be found here



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