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Governor Cuomo Demands ‘F’ Rating From NRA, Trolls Them Over Lawsuit

Governor Cuomo Demands ‘F’ Rating From NRA, Trolls Them Over Lawsuit

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) trolled the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Wednesday, demanding that they give him his customary “F” rating while noting that he can’t wait to see them in court.

“I received your 2018 N.Y. Candidate Questionnaire,” Cuomo wrote in a letter to the NRA. “I imagine it was sent to me in error or as some twisted joke.”

“In case you forgot, this year, last year, the year before, and the year before that – I received an F rating from the NRA,” he added. “I’ll take my F rating again this year and wear it with pride.”

The NRA rates politicians based on how friendly they are with the agency and how they support the second amendment rights of Americans. Democrats typically fair far worse than their Republican-counterparts.

See You In Court

“And, by the way, I’ll see you in court,” the NY Governor wrote in regards to the NRA’s lawsuit against the governor.

The NRA lawsuit claims that Cuomo and his officials approached banks and told them to avoid doing business with the organization if they wanted support from the state.

Rolling Stone first reported the lawsuit which claims that Cuomo and his administration have engaged in a “viewpoint-based discrimination campaign against the NRA and the millions of law-abiding gun owners that it represents.”

“New York we will not be intimidated by the NRA’s frivolous lawsuit to advance its dangerous gun-peddling agenda,” the Governor said in a statement.

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“[President] Donald Trump and Washington, D.C. may be bought and paid for by the NRA, but in New York we are listening to the voices of people across the nation calling for action to keep our communities safe.”

“While the NRA tries to play the victim, New York stands with the real victims – the thousands of people whose lives are cut short by gun violence every year,” Cuomo added.

Cuomo is filing a motion to dismiss the NRA’s lawsuit.

Cuomo is currently running for re-election with a wide polling margin over his running mate, actress and activist Cynthia Nixon.

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