Gov. Tate Reeves on Mississippi Becoming World’s COVID Epicenter: “When You Believe in Eternal Life You Don’t Have To Be So Scared”

There is a mad race among Southern states to become the country’s leader in COVID-19 cases. Right now, Mississippi is winning. The Magnolia state recently became the area with the most cases of COVID-19, per capita, in the world.

Tate Reeves congratulates Harry azcrac
[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]
One might think that the state’s leadership would be making moves to try to mitigate the raging pandemic. But Governor Tate Reeves seems to have no interest in solving the issue. In fact, the leader of the state told reporters that his residents aren’t scared of the virus.

Reeves said recently, “When you believe in eternal life—when you believe that living on this earth is but a blip on the screen, then you don’t have to be so scared of things.”

The Mississippi governor also attempted to downplay the rise in cases among the state’s children. He told reporters, “Does it happen from time to time? Sure it does. I believe we have had one fatality of an individual, maybe it could’ve been two—I think there’s three under the age of 18 at this time? Two?”


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