Gov. Rick Scott Claims That Floridians Are Bailing Out Incompetent Governors Like Cuomo

 Governor Rick Scott of Florida took to the floor on Wednesday to express his dismay with what he claims is Floridians paying to bail out other incompetent governors. He named New York Governor Andrew Cuomo specifically. In a video tweeted by the Hill, Scott said,  “We are bailing out liberal politicians who cannot live within their means and now we are asking Floridians to pay for the incompetence of governors like Andrew Cuomo.”

The call-out by Rick Scott comes after Andrew Cuomo expressed the exact opposite on Monday. Gov. Cuomo exclaimed during his daily briefing that New York has been coming to the rescue of other states for decades. Cuomo made the statement while expressing the need for more federal help in New York’s pandemic fight. Fox News reported him as saying that, this is “not the time to be talking about dollars and cents,” he said. He pointed out that New York has been “bailing out” other states with its federal tax contribution for many years. He went on to say, “It’s not the time to be saying, ‘Well, you put in a dollar more than I did, or I put in $5 more than you did.’ … But if you want to take a serious look at who’s getting bailed out and who paid what, nobody would be bailing out New York state.”

Gov. Cuomo went on to say that New York has paid $161 billion dollars more to the government than what it has received. He also said that for every dollar New York pays it only gets 91 cents in return. We will see how much help Gov. Cuomo can expect from Washington. It seems that the hardest-hit state needs it.

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