GOV of Arizona Claims Smear Attack After Photo of him Attending Mask-Less Party Emerges

To say Arizona is having a difficult time with COVID-19 would be an understatement. There have been nearly 125,000 cases in the state with July being a particular troublesome month. While Governor Doug Ducey has placed some restrictions on residents, the state’s mayors are pleading for more.

Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

And Ducey may not even be willing to follow the restrictions he is recommending. A photograph on Twitter showed a mask-less Ducey at a well attended graduation party.

The picture, shared by user Carter Santini, was simply captioned, “Governor Ducey, that’s not social distancing.”

The Governor’s office claims that the photo is from a month ago. Ducey’s Chief of Staff Daniel Scarpinato said, “This was a smear attack that was factually incorrect to create an illusion that the governor was out over Fourth of July weekend. It was a family event. It was a graduation, and he stopped by to say ‘happy graduation.’”

The governor, however, has recently claimed that graduation parties have contributed to the wild spread of the virus. In mid-June, he said, “For months and months, I did not know anyone personally that had contracted COVID-19. But just recently, I know a lot of people that have contracted this. And I want to tell you where they contracted it: at graduation parties, at private gatherings in homes.”



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