Gov. Kristi Noem Apparently Can’t Enjoy A Holiday With Family Without A Massive Firework Display — Oh Well

Across America, with growing portions of the population vaccinated against COVID-19 and businesses opening up, families made decisions about how to spend the July 4th holiday. Some traveled to watch fireworks, and others had barbecues and smaller firework displays at home with their families. Of course, if you’ve ever been to a family event, you know that no matter what you do, not everyone is going to be pleased. Still, it may come as a shock when the person determined to be miserable and negative is the Governor of South Dakota.

[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

Governor Kristi Noem was understandably disappointed when the National Park Service turned down an application to use Mount Rushmore as the site for another massive celebration and firework display like the one Donald Trump joined last year. To make sure nobody missed that fact, she posed her family with sparklers and unhappy faces for a photo that she would tweet as proof life was better when Donald Trump was President of the United States.

Seriously, look at those faces.

[Image via Kristi Noem/Twitter]

Honestly, how does one even make such a sad face while holding a sparkler?

Of course, plenty of Twitter users were on hand to point out that there were firework displays across the nation, that this isn’t a story that shows Joe Biden as an unpatriotic president who wants to put a stop to everyone’s celebration and fun, but a story of one person who didn’t get what she wanted and chose to pout about it quite publicly.

News10 reported last month that there would be no firework display at Mount Rushmore, after the National Park Service turned down an application, citing three causes: COVID-19, natives who oppose the display on land that was sacred to their forefathers before the mountain was ever sculpted, and the environment. Though Noem sued, a judge refused to overturn the decision.

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