Gov. DeSantis: “We’re Not Rolling Back” As Hundreds Of Airport Workers Test Positive For COVID-19

As states continue their rush to reopen businesses, despite the continuing pandemic, cases continue to rise. In Florida, where last month beaches were forced to re-close immediately after reopening, Governor Ron DeSantis is adamant that there won’t be any rolling back this time. However, 260 employees at Orlando International Airport have tested positive for the virus.

no rollback despite new cases
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

According to Click Orlando, out of nearly 500 workers tested at Orlando International Airport, 260 tested positive. Florida has had nearly 3,000 deaths documented from the virus, and reported 2,780 new cases Tuesday.

Tuesday evening, DeSantis shared a video press conference in which he maintained that the increase in cases is predominantly due to increase in testing.

He says there won’t be any additional shutdowns to limit the spread, though. According to the Miami Herald, DeSantis said, “We’re not rolling back. The reason we did the mitigation was to protect the hospital system.”

However, some shutting down isn’t necessarily completely optional. Last month, Fox News reported that only a week after beaches were opened, some were forced to close again, due to visitors failing to adhere to social distancing rules.

It’s not getting better yet, either. According to Forbes, on Monday the state set a new record for new cases — for the third time in a week.

As for businesses closing, the state may not order any large-scale shutdowns, but so many businesses are being affected by the illness, that Jacksonville actually has a list, published in First Coast News, to let consumers know what bars and restaurants are currently closed due to employee illness or exposure.

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