Gordon Klingenschmitt Slinging Gold Donald Trump Coins to Remind You to Pray for Him

Right-wing activist Gordon Klingenschmitt on Wednesday began peddling commemorative gold coins featuring former President Donald Trump as a marketing ploy to get people to “pray” for the disgraced and twice-impeached ex-commander in chief. Klingenschmitt introduced the worthless currency in a crudely produced video.


Trump’s gilded visage is for sale at the clever price of $45.

For some reason, Klingenschmitt refers to Trump in the past tense and the script reads as if Trump had died, even though he is still alive and gaslighting whoever he can whenever he can.

“Today we are remembering to pray for and commemorate our 45th president, Donald J. Trump, who was, in our generation, perhaps the most pro-life, pro-family, pro-Israel, and pro-America president of our time. To remember him and honor him, we’ve issued these brand new golden commemorative coins,” Klingenschmitt says into the camera. “They have Donald Trump right on the cover and it says ‘In God We Trust’ to remind you to pray for our 45th president. For a suggested donation of $45 to our ministry, we’ll remember and send you this 45th president coin.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

Klingenschmitt has a habit of making wacky claims and selling snake oil. In June, he claimed that President Joe Biden was “purging the Christians” and that the “demonic spirit of Antichrist is coming in to take over our military ultimately for one reason – that when the devil controls the American military, the Antichrist can rise and take over the world.”

He made similar remarks in February when he proclaimed that Biden and the White House had fallen under the spell of Satan.

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