GOP Wanted Trump To Lose; Is Profiting From His Efforts To Hold Office, Warns Republican Candidate After Her Own Loss

Laura Loomer, conspiracy theorist, anti-Islam activist, and failed Republican candidate, posted on social media Tuesday to issue a warning. She believes that the Republican party is sabotaging candidates — including Donald Trump — and that they’re profiting from the scheme.

Laura Loomer Trump bias
[Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images]

Loomer, who was banned from Twitter after her racist, Islamophobic posts about Ilhan Omar, and is now relegated to Parler for her tirades, posted Tuesday to declare that the GOP plotted against her, sabotaging her campaign, that they’re likely responsible for Trump’s loss as well, and that the Republican party is gleefully profiting from Trump’s loss, and secretly hoped for Joe Biden to win.

Laura Loomer says GOP is profiting from Trump's loss.
[Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Parler]

Did you know the Republican Party plotted to sabotage my campaign more than the Democrat Party ever did? If the Republican Parrty leadership went out of their way to sabotage me as a Trump-endorsed Republican congressional nominee, imagine what they are doing to Trump right now. The GOP wants Biden to win but they want to collect as many Trump fundraising dollars from his grassroots supporters while pretending to care about the sanctity of our elections. Trust me. I had firsthand experience dealing with these liars.

In August, Donald Trump congratulated Loomer on winning her GOP primary against several other candidates, but in the general election on November 3rd, she, like Trump, lost to her Democratic opponent.

Now she’s blaming both of those losses on the Republican Party, and warning voters that financially supporting Donald Trump’s fight to overturn the election will only benefit the same leadership she accuses of conspiring against him.

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