GOP Troll Politician DeAnna Lorraine Makes Horrific Joke About George Floyd’s Family

If you ever read a tweet from Donald Trump, you’re likely to see a tweet from DeAnna Lorraine near the top. The Californian has now amassed more than 375 thousand followers largely supporting Donald Trump and supporting conservative causes.

Deanna lorraine not racist but
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine YouTube]
A lot of Lorraine’s tweets are also incredibly offensive. But none were more offensive than what she tweeted last night during the Democratic National Convention. After an appearance from the family of George Floyd, the California “politician” wondered if they were “giving out free meth.”

George Floyd’s brothers Philonise and Rodney gave a brief virtual speech during Monday night’s event. They told voters, “George had a giving spirit — a spirit that has shown up on streets around our nation, and around the world. People of all races, all ages, all genders, all backgrounds — peacefully protesting in the name of love and unity.”

Lorraine, who spent much of the night live tweeting about the event, responded to the Floyd brother’s speech, “Why is George Floyd’s family speaking at the Democratic Convention. Did they offer them free meth.”

The tweet was quickly deleted by Lorraine after backlash. Many on Twitter are now calling for Lorraine to be suspended from the site for this remark, among many others.

Twitter has yet to take any kind of action.

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