GOP Treasurer Posts “Offensive” Aunt Jemima Joke And Faces Crushing Backlash

Loudoun County Treasurer Roger Zurn is apologizing for a joke he posted about Quaker Oats’ decision to rid itself of racist packaging. The Facebook post has already been deleted, but enough people saw it to cause Zurn to come under fire. The post read, “Wondering if Aunt Jemima will change to Uncle Tom’s?” Of course, “Uncle Tom’ is also a racist stereotype that refers to a black person who is loyal to white people.

Zurn cleared the air while talking to Fox5. He said that the joke was an“error in judgment.” He also said that “it was a mistake and I own it.” Many local leaders came after Zurn, including, Algonkian District Supervisor Juli Briskman. She said, “If you don’t understand why this is offensive, and the products themselves are offensive to certain segments of our society, then I advise you to attend some training in race relations, racial equity, racial inclusion, and cultural awareness immediately!”

Sterling District Supervisor Koran Saines also spoke her mind saying that she was  “deeply offended and troubled by the racism displayed by Roger Zurn on his Facebook page today.” Loudoun NAACP vice president also had words for Zurn. He said, “We advise Mr. Zurn and other elected officials that not everything needs a hot take or clever comment from them,” Amanda Tandy said. “ … listening to communities directly impacted by systemic racism, who we would remind them are also their constituents, would serve them better.” He added, “We look forward to Mr. Zurn joining our [NAACP] meeting in July.”

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