GOP Strategist Says Trump Spends His Mornings ‘Hoovering Up Rails of Adderall and Rage Tweeting’

Republican strategist Rick Wilson appeared on CNN and said President Donald Trump “spends his morning ‘executive time’ hoovering up rails of Adderall and rage tweeting.”

Wilson’s comments come on Day 13 of a partial government shutdown which was kicked off after the president opted not to sign a stopgap funding bill which would have averted a shutdown because he disagreed with Congress over funding for his proposed border wall on our nation’s southern border.

“No matter how many times Donald Trump tweets, no matter how much he spends his morning ‘executive time’ hoovering up rails of Adderall and rage tweeting, it’s not going to change where [Nancy] Pelosi is,” he said. “So as long as she holds the line, this thing is gonna go on until Trump feels the pain level rise.”

“Shutdowns never work out politically for anybody,” he added. “As much as Republicans think the rules have changed, there are 800,000 people without a paycheck right now. And they’re not just in D.C., but across the country.”

You can watch the footage below:

Earlier this afternoon, the new Democratic-held House voted Nancy Pelosi its speaker, placing her back in power for the first time in eight years. Under her leadership, Democrats have pledged to pass bills which would reopen the government.

The president made headlines this morning after he suggested that the shutdown is a ploy by Democrats to keep him from getting re-elected in 2020.

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