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GOP Strategist Says Donald Trump Knows ‘Playtime Is Over’ and ‘Doesn’t Like It’

GOP Strategist Says Donald Trump Knows ‘Playtime Is Over’ and ‘Doesn’t Like It’

Republican strategist Rick Wilson believes Donald Trump is toast and will soon be absolutely demolished by Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel.

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As Donald Trump becomes more erratic in his tweets against Mueller, Rosenstein, and the rest of the team investigating him, Wilson, an anti-Trump Republican, says the President is simply lashing out as he becomes further dragged under water.

In an op-ed for The Daily Beast he notes that with the Democrats taking back the House of Representatives, “Playtime is over and Donald doesn’t like it.”

Wilson further claims that Mueller has likely known for a long time that Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort was not being honest with him. Wilson says Mueller purposefully waited until Trump turned in written answers about the Russian collusion case before he made that information public.

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“It now appears that Robert Mueller carefully timed his withdrawal of Manafort’s plea agreement to line up with the president finally turning in his homework,” Wilson notes. “Mueller is careful, methodical, and strategic. His silences are important, disciplined, and consequential.”

Wilson, with all the glee of a Republican who wants Trump out of office adds, “pain — political, economic, and legal pain—is coming to Donald Trump, and he’s earned every bit of it.”

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