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GOP Strategist Rove Squashes Wacko Flynn, Powell Ideas

GOP Strategist Rove Squashes Wacko Flynn, Powell Ideas

Karl Rove has made a very good living getting Republican political candidates elected. His instincts and ability to read poll numbers are pretty much unequaled in GOP circles.

So when on Tuesday he voiced a very forceful public repudiation of the efforts of Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell to secure a second term for Donald Trump as president it had to make one wonder if the end of the false “stolen election” madness of the past six weeks finally is upon us.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports,” guest host John Roberts pointed out that Trump had met with a number of Republican lawmakers who say they plan to block Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote in favor of President-elect Joe Biden on Jan.6. Roberts also noted, “And then there’s other things that have been kicked around too, which the president denies, like bringing in the military to rerun elections in certain states. What do you make of that?” Roberts asked Rove.

“I’m going to accept the president at his word,” Rove replied. “We do know that General Flynn suggested that. He did so publicly. And talk about an idiotic idea!”

“No president would have the authority to do that,” he said. “So General Flynn may have served honorably, but he’s not a constitutional law scholar. When it comes to giving good advice to the president about politics, he’s at the bottom of the list in my opinion.”

Rove didn’t have a much better review of Powell’s efforts on behalf of Trump. “Mrs. Powell has peddled theories that have little basis in fact,” he said. “What she has done to sorta throw mud upon the president through her antics is unbelievable,” Rove said. “The president has been so ill-served by this crowd, and she’s chief among them.”

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