GOP Strategist Amanda Carpenter: Trump Supporters Don’t “Live in Realville”

Donald Trump’s election loss in November wasn’t a surprise to political junkies. Trump was historically unpopular, never reaching a 50% approval rating at any time in his term. Trump’s polling numbers were also terrible with essentially no survey showing that he could defeat Joe Biden.

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Still, when the ex-President lost the election, many of his supporters were stunned. Rather than accepting the loss, these followers tended to buy into wild conspiracy theories. They did this, says GOP strategist Amanda Carpenter, because they don’t live in “Realville.”

While discussing Trump’s enduring popularity, CNN anchor Ana Cabrera said, “I don’t think you can call this the fringe of the Republican Party anymore, Amanda.” Carpenter replied:

“No, but I think it’s important to take a trip to Realville, where people who support Trump could not live anymore. Donald Trump not only lost the White House, he is responsible for losing the Senate and the House of Representatives. Trumpism is a political loser, okay? Marjorie Taylor Greene and her QAnon-style politics are responsible for Republicans losing the Senate because Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue tried to ride that train and went straight into the ground.”

The former Ted Cruz strategist continued, “There’s no Republican branch of Congress because of Donald Trump. The Republican Party is still living in this bubble when they’re afraid of him and his tweets when he’s not even on Twitter. People like Marjorie Taylor Greene, she and people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are not compatible anymore. It’s going to be us or them.”



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