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GOP State Senator Calls For “French Patriots” To Rise Up; Claims Emmanuel Macron “Stole” Election

GOP State Senator Calls For “French Patriots” To Rise Up; Claims Emmanuel Macron “Stole” Election

Okay, at this point it’s not even a surprise when conservatives in the United States claim that any election they lose must have been “stolen.” Still, for an elected official in the U.S. to attack an ally nation with claims that the incumbent “stole” his re-election, and suggestions that the people should rise up and take it back, is jarring.

[Photo by Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call].

Still, that’s Wendy Rogers for you. She’s a state senator in Arizona, and her entire schtick is social media posts that alternate between bigoted assertions and ill wishes, declarations that she’s “just a sweet grandma,” and announcements that people should check her posts on right-wing sites where she has “said forbidden things.”

As repetitive as her pattern is, occasionally something does stand out — as when she announced that Emmanuel Macron had “stolen” re-election in France from his far-right challenger, Marine Le Pen. Rogers made many similar false claims about U.S. elections, demanding recounts, and falseley declaring that President Biden was being stripped of electors a full year after his inauguration.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Rogers’ tweet was quickly addressed with Twitter adding election information and making it off-limits for retweeting and replying.

[Screenshot via Wendy Rogers/Twitter]

PatriotTakes shared that Rogers also posted this on her Telegram, where the audiences tend to skew more to extremes, with users who have been kicked off other platforms.

Rogers followed up by declaring that her post wouldn’t have been ‘censored’ by the ‘commies’ if she wasn’t right.

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Note that her post was not actually deleted, and can still be seen, quote-tweeted, and screenshot, she’s just restricted in how much engagement she can get from it.

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