GOP State Rep. Jason Spencer Yells N-Word, & Pulls Down Pants on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

Sacha Baron Cohen strikes again. Last night, Episode 2 of his Showtime series, ‘Who is America?‘ aired and became available on demand for many cable providers.  The plot of Cohen’s show features him dressing up as different characters and then trying to convince or coerce politicians and other political figures to say things that they typically wouldn’t say if they had known they were going to be on TV.

The most ridiculous segment of last night’s show, as I’m sure most viewers would agree, was when Cohen, in costume of an Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad, tricked Republican Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer into doing and saying some rather disturbing things.

Spencer, who represents district 180 in Georgia, recently lost his primary.  After watching last night’s show, many people are also wondering if he lost his sanity.

During the short segment, which you can see below, at one point Spencer is told to try and attract attention while a mock-terrorist is in his vicinity.  To do so, he repeatedly yells the “N-word”, over and over again.

In another part of this segment, Spencer uses his buttocks to try and scare away Morad, who is playing the role of mock-terrorist.  To do so, Spencer pulls down his pants and underwear, before running backwards toward Morad, while yelling, “I’ll touch you, I’ll make you a homosexual” and “you better drop the gun, or I’ll touch you. USA! USA!”

There is another part of the segment where he tries to convince a woman in a burqa that he is Chinese.  Video clips from this disturbing showing by Spencer can be seen below.

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