GOP Sheriff Quarantined With COVID-19 After Defying Regulations

Sheriff Mark Lamb, of Pinal County, Arizona, felt he couldn’t impose restrictions on the citizens of his county to limit the spread of coronavirus. Now, he’s in quarantine and believes he caught the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19 during a campaign rally.

GOP sheriff in quarantine after defying covid regs
[Image via Sheriff Lamb/Twitter]

According to Raw Story, Sheriff Lamb said in April that he felt the regulations the state imposed were unconstitutional. “I’m looking at two laws in each hand [and] going with the one that’s 200 years old rather than two days old,” Lamb explained. Classified as an essential worker, the Sheriff of course continued at his job, though he said he wouldn’t enforce the state’s orders to limit COVID-19 spread.

Now, he says he’s tested positive for the coronavirus and is in voluntary quarantine. He believes that he likely contracted the virus not in the course of his daily essential work, but at a campaign rally for his re-election.

Unfortunately, as a law enforcement official and elected leader, we do not have the luxury of staying home. This line of work is inherently dangerous, and that is a risk we take when we sign up for the job. Today, that risk is the COVID-19 virus. On Saturday, I held a campaign event, where it is likely I came into contact with an infected individual.

It’s not the first blow to his employment Lamb has suffered this month. He also has appeared on the A&E show LivePD: Wanted, which has been canceled in light of shifting public viewpoints on police work in the wake of several recent deaths at the hands of officers.

Last week, 12News reported that Sheriff Lamb has been featured on the show more than 50 times in the past 4 years, and that he said he was disappointed the show would be going off the air. He said that appearing on it had boosted both community relations and recruitment efforts.

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