GOP Senators Push Unrelated Amendments To Block COVID-19 Relief

Right-wing ideologues have complained that they don’t feel some of the items included in the current COVID-19 relief legislation are closely enough related to pandemic relief. Now, Republicans are trying to delay passage of the bill — and as a result, they’re the ones proposing as many irrelevant and ridiculous amendments as possible.

According to Politico, as of Friday night, the plan was to keep offering amendments all night long. Rand Paul said the GOP had debated whether that would be better than spending two separate days pushing new amendments to delay relief to Americans, and that in his opinion, the best choice would be “infinity,” which he describes as Republicans “set[ting] up a schedule and having it go on and on,”

Republicans fight to prevent COVID relief from passing
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

The GOP managed to carry out the overnight plan, and USA Today reported Saturday morning that the debate on the legislation was ongoing, with a final vote expected later in the day. Amendments from both sides were offered relating to unemployment extension and school reopening.

However, Republicans added in a number of unrelated matters as a stalling tactic, as promised. Salon reports that among other things, GOP amendments included an attempt to punish schools for allowing transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports, and cutting funding to medical facilities that provide abortions as part of their healthcare offerings.

As Forbes reported last week, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised Republicans would fight against the bill, claiming that they do so because they see it as “largely unrelated to the problem.”

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