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GOP Senator: Trump Is Making ‘Juvenile’ and ‘Devastating’ Decisions

GOP Senator: Trump Is Making ‘Juvenile’ and ‘Devastating’ Decisions

Republican Senator Bob Corker believes President Trump’s recent decisions regarding Syria and Afghanistan are going to have “devastating” repercussions. Corker, who also chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee believes pulling U.S. troops will only cause more regional destabilization which will affect the United States and our allies.

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“Some devastating decisions are being made even with people giving strong input in the opposite direction. I don’t know what to say about it,” Corker said while speaking with CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Now we’re into something that is incredibly sober as it relates to Syria and possibly Afghanistan… Somehow or another I hope that the president will see fit to make some decisions here that are not ultimately devastating to our country,” he added.

Trump earlier in the week announced plans to pull 2,000 U.S. troops from Syrian and then announced plans to remove even more soldiers from Afghanistan. The President’s decision led to the resignation of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

Corker says the timing of Trump’s decision makes no sense at all. While U.S. troops were expected to leave the region in the future, the 45th POTUS made his announcement at a time when a surge in ISIS militants has been reported in Syria.

“I do not understand, I have no understanding of why we did what we did in Syria. It just totally boggles any sane thinking that could take place,” Corker told “State of the Union.”

Trump recently claimed on Twitter that ISIS was defeated in Syria.


Trump’s tweet couldn’t be further from the truth. His own intelligence agencies and agencies around the world have noted that ISIS continues to maintain their footprint in many parts of the Middle East, including Syria and Afghanistan.

Before speaking to the issues we are now facing in the Middle East, Corker also warned that President Trump is making “juvenile” decisions that are part of nothing more than a “made up fight” that won’t solve our border security issues.

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“This is a made-up fight, so the President can look like he’s fighting, but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure,” Corker told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

When specifically asked if Trump was using the border wall and government shutdown as a campaign issue Corker said, “it has to be that.”

“It’s a spectacle, and candidly, it’s juvenile,” Corker said. “The whole thing is juvenile.”

Here’s Corker’s full response to the government shutdown and Trump’s Middle Eat actions:

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