GOP Senator Threatens To Sue Facebook For Deleting Her Conspiracy-Spreading Page

After the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building in January, Facebook and Twitter removed several pages and users who continued to promote the same election lies that encouraged MAGA followers to attempt an insurrection. Many (including the former president) have not been reinstated. Now one Republican says she’s interested in suing Facebook.

Amanda Chase, GOP Senator for Virginia
[Photo via Amanda Chase/Twitter]

Amanda Chase is a Virginia State Senator, and is running for governor. She tweeted Friday to share the news, via Virginia Scope, that her page would not be reinstated. The article, covering an interview with Chase, explains that hers was one of the pages removed after the January insurrection attempt, and that she was initially told it would be a 60-day ban.

When that time passed, Chase says she was notified that her page had been permanently deleted, taking with it her audience of around 144k followers.

Sharing the news, Chase declared, “It’s time to sue Facebook.”

Chase says she’s moved her communications to Twitter, even as many far-right users have left Twitter for other sites, including Parler, Gab, and Telegram, over Twitter’s deplatforming of users spreading conspiracy theories about the election and false health information regarding the global pandemic.

Despite her complaint and her expression of intent to sue, Chase tweeted in February to declare that she was “back up on Facebook,” asking supporters to search for “Chase for Governor.” There are currently multiple pages and groups with variations on that name, posting information about Chase’s campaign.

Chase’s Twitter account remains intact, but she has posted minimal election disinformation there, though she did post shortly after the January 6th insurrection attack to claim that the real insurrection was “the steal of the 2020 Presidential Election by the Democratic Party.”

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