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GOP Senator Thinks If Biden Isn’t Mean-Tweeting, He’s Not Really President

GOP Senator Thinks If Biden Isn’t Mean-Tweeting, He’s Not Really President

Repubican Senator John Cornyn, of Texas, is expressing some concerns about President Joe Biden. Specifically, Cornyn is worried that the president isn’t having midnight tweetfests and constant media appearances.

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In a series of tweets, Cornyn addressed the difference between the former and current presidents, focusing on their public behavior. Trump rarely went a day without tweeting, and as a matter of routine verbally attacked and denigrated anyone who he felt opposed him. Biden, by contrast — well, doesn’t do any of that.

However, Cornyn seemed to conclude that this supports the conspiracy theory claiming that Biden isn’t really president, rather than recognizing it as a massive difference in leadership style.

Cornyn complained that Biden’s tweets are “unimaginably conventional,” describing a president who uses his social media accounts for minimal basic communication of national matters, not self-aggrandazing, retweets of those who praise him, false statements, or attacks on others. He also mentioned that Biden rarely makes media appearances, and that public statements are also conventional and follow an outline, rather than the rambling ad-libbing Trump was known for.

Listing these differences, Cornyn comes to an unsupported conclusion: “Invites the question: is he really in charge?”

Q-anon conspiracy theorists have claimed that Biden is a ‘shadow president,’ that someone else is really controlling the government, and even that he’s not really in the White House at all and that Donald Trump will retake the office after some series of events plays out. Cornyn’s tweets seem to suggest that he, too, is buying into some of the conspiracies.

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