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GOP Senator Tell Fox News That Trump Will Not be the Republican Party’s Nominee in 2024

GOP Senator Tell Fox News That Trump Will Not be the Republican Party’s Nominee in 2024

During a Wednesday talk with Fox News, senator Bill Cassidy said that Donald Trump will not be the party’s nominee in 2024.

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The Republicans in the House are all behind Donald Trump. That was proven on Wednesday when Liz Cheney lost her position of leadership for the crime of speaking out against Donald Trump.

Things on the senate side are much different. Mitch McConnell essentially stopped speaking about Trump following Joe Biden’s inauguration. And even before that, 7 of the senate’s 50 Republican senators voted to convict the former president of impeachment. One of those lawmakers was Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy.

Brian Kilmeade questioned Cassidy about the potential of Trump being the 2024 Republican nominee for president. The Fox host asked, “If he’s the nominee, would you vote for him?” The Louisiana senator answered, “He’s not going to be our nominee.”

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Cassidy continued, “If we’re gonna win, we can’t say, ‘oh my gosh, we got more votes than anybody else in Republican history, but 7 million less than the Democrat.’ You know, that 7 million is the difference between Biden’s policies and our policies. We got to be 7M ahead, not 7M behind.”

While the party is currently acting like Trump is a shoe in for the 2024 nomination, there are still plenty of hurdles for him to cross over. The former president is facing severe legal jeopardy in both Georgia and New York City. In addition, Trump is a 74 year-old morbidly obese man. There is a very good chance that his health could take a turn for the worse in the next 4 years.


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