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GOP Senator Ron Johnson Defends Trump’s Idea To Have DOJ Attack Political Foes

GOP Senator Ron Johnson Defends Trump’s Idea To Have DOJ Attack Political Foes

President Donald Trump recently told the Department of Justice that it should be investigating his political foes and locking them up for what he sees as illegal activities. CNN’s Ana Cabrera interviewed Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on Friday morning and when asked about Trump’s idea, the interview went sideways.

During the interview, Cabrera asked about Trump’s comments. “Are you okay with this president directing the DOJ, in their investigations, telling the DOJ to go after his political adversaries?” she asked. “Is this supposed to happen in America?”

Johnson then gave a rambling response about a “two-tiered” justice system that has been created to benefits Hillary Clinton and other “well-connected people.”

“Let me remind you what the attorney general said last week as the president started this attack on the Justice Department and specifically pointed the finger at Jeff Sessions, saying he wasn’t doing the job he was put in place to do,” Cabrera then reminded the Senator.

“The attorney general responded with, ‘While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice won’t be improperly influenced by political considerations,'” she added.

Johnson failed to comment, instead choosing to talk about the late Senator John McCain.

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Here’s the full exchange:

The question was simple but the answer given by Ron Johnson was anything but supportive of the institution of law in America.

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