GOP Senator Pat Toomey: The Trump Impeachment Trial is “Clearly Constitutional”

Back in January, Donald Trump became the first president to be impeached twice. And while he may be out of the White House right now, he will return to Washington DC for a trial in the coming weeks.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The case against Trump is pretty obvious. There are numerous pieces of evidence to support the claim that the former president incited an insurrection.

With little defense against that charge, Trump lawyers are likely to argue that the trial isn’t constitutional. While that defense has support among Republican senators, no all agree. GOP senator Pat Toomey told CNN on Sunday that the trial is “clearly constitutional.”

Toomey told Tapper, “You did have 45 Republican senators vote to suggest that they didn’t think it was appropriate to conduct a trial, so you can infer how likely it is that those folks will vote to convict. I disagreed with their assessment. I think it is Constitutional. I think it’s clearly Constitutional to conduct a Senate trial with respect to an impeachment. In this case the impeachment occurred prior to the president leaving office. My job will be to listen to both sides of this, evaluate the arguments and make a decision.”

The Pennsylvania senator also discussed Joe Biden’s decision to move forward on a COVID relief bill without Republican support. He said to the host, “If you’re President Biden and you’re serious about having a bipartisan working together with people on the other side, bringing people together in unity, he has the opportunity to do it. I don’t support that because I think it’s completely inappropriate, but there are more than ten Republican senators that disagree with me and would do this, but yet they appear to be intent on ignoring Republicans.”



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