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GOP Senator Lamar Alexander Says US Needs Millions of COVID-19 Tests

GOP Senator Lamar Alexander Says US Needs Millions of COVID-19 Tests

Repulblican Lamar Alexander has spent much of his adult life in politics. He was the governor of Tennessee from 1979-1987. Following that, he has served as a United States senator since 2003. He recently announced that he will not be seeking reelection in 2020.


And that upcoming retirement has allowed Alexander to be more forthcoming than his fellow GOP lawmakers who often kowtow to Donald Trump. The Tennessee lawmaker displayed this independence on Friday when he said the America needs to test millions more before reopening the economy.

The senator explained, “My fear is that we’ll get to August and the government says we can all go back to school or back to college. And a lot of people won’t want to do it unless they can be assured that they don’t have the disease, but just as important, that the classmate next to them doesn’t have the disease.”

Alexander continued, “The big test for the administration right now is: Can you scale up the production of hundreds of millions of tests, several new treatments and hundreds of millions of doses of an effective vaccine as quickly as possible?”

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The Tennessee lawmaker also felt there was plenty of blame to go around. “The major reason we don’t have enough tests is because Congress and the Food and Drug Administration have restricted development of tests by everyone except the Centers for Disease Control,” he said. “Let’s just say that’s everybody’s fault.”

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