GOP Senator: I Hope Stimulus Negotiations Remain Broken Down

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said Friday that he hopes bipartisan negotiations to settle a COVID-19 relief package continue to fail. For Republicans and Democrats to remain unable to come to any mutually agreeable conclusion is, he said, “good news for future generations.”

GOP senator hopes that talks fail between parties for stimulus
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Senator Johnson addressed the stimulus talks in an interview Friday, saying that he’d prefer there be no new coronavirus bill, if a proposed bill will mean additional spending.

From my standpoint, the breakdown in the talks is very good news. It’s very good news for future generations. I hope the talks remain broken down.

It’s not a new position for Johnson. He spoke to CNBC last month, saying that he would vote to “redirect, repurpose, remedy” the funds already apportioned in the previous stimulus bill, but that “right now we do not need to authorize more spending. That’s probably the last thing we need to do.”

Though the Trump administration had previously said that a new stimulus bill, with bipartisan approval, would be the top priority for Congress by the end of July, talks between the parties continued to fail, and Donald Trump signed executive orders that even members of his own party have called unconstitutional and unworkable.

When questioned about the legality of the orders, Trump noted that any politician who challenged the plan to extend unemployment benefits (at a lower rate than the previous bill) and temporarily defer payroll taxes, that would have to be paid back later, would find himself in political peril, and that Congress can still try to reach an agreement.

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