GOP Senator Excoriates and Then Justifies Donald Trump’s Efforts to Overturn Election

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s continued assaults on the 2020 election – from peddling debunked claims of voter fraud to pressuring officials in multiple states to overturn the results – are “completely unacceptable” and need to stop.

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“It’s completely unacceptable and it’s not going to work and the president should give up trying to get legislatures to overturn the results of the elections in their respective states,” Toomey said in a phone interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Toomey, who is not seeing reelection in 2022, said that he congratulated President-Elect Joe Biden on his win last week. “We had a very pleasant conversation,” Toomey said.

Trump, however, has refused to concede. The president has also personally called elections officials in several states, including Georgia and Pennsylvania, demanding that they strip Biden of his victories. Election interference, which that is, is a crime.

Although Toomey worries about the damage Trump’s attacks on democracy may cause, he nevertheless concocted several bizarre, super-Trumpian excuses for the commander in chief’s seditious behavior:

  • Democrats were mean to him.
  • Trump’s double-impeachment for obstruction of justice and his attempt to extort the President of Ukraine for dirt on Biden was unfair and unwarranted.

“It’s also important to point out that this isn’t the only thing that has undermined people’s confidence in our government and our electoral system,” Toomey said. “A lot of Republicans across the commonwealth and across the country are sympathetic to some of the allegations being made by the president because they’ve witnessed the way he’s been treated for the last four years by the left and the press.”

Toomey added that “the accumulation of these outrageous attacks leads people to wonder, ‘Well, what wouldn’t they do?’”

But, Toomey continued, there is no rational reason for Trump to still be denying the irrefutable inevitable.

“In my view that doesn’t change the obligation of the president’s campaign to acknowledge that they have not been able to demonstrate that there’s been fraud, not on any significant scale,” Toomey said. “That has been determined by election officials, that has been determined by federal judges, that’s been determined by appellate court judges. That’s the opinion of the attorney general who is a Donald Trump appointee. So in my view the outcome of the election is clear and that is that Joe Biden won the election. But I understand why people are upset and why they are inclined to listen to these allegations that have not been substantiated. It’s all very very unhelpful to people’s confidence in our government.”

Forty-three days until the inauguration.

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