GOP Senator Begs for Forgiveness for Election Lies and Then Lies About Voter Fraud

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) faced a barrage of questions by CNN’s Pamela Brown on Saturday about why he peddled former President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent and stolen.


Marshall was totally outmatched.

“You voted to toss out millions of votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania, you also joined on to the Texas lawsuit attempting to throw out votes cast in four states. I’m curious, looking back, do you have any regrets your actions?” Brown asked. “And any concern that they contributed to misinformation about the election?” Brown asked.

Brown wants it all swept under the rug, as if nothing happened on January 6th.

“Look Pamela, it’s so — we’re just so ready to move on. I made a decision based on upon the facts that I knew at that point in time. I was concerned then and still am today that six states broke their own laws and their own constitutions. But it’s time to move on, it’s time for this country to heal, it’s time for a spirit of forgiveness to be happening,” the Senator said.

“It’s time for this country to work together and focus on the goals we can solve together,” he continued. “We’ve got plenty of challenges right now. We’re making great progress coming out of this COVID virus. The ecomony [sic] has bounced back. It’s time to move on.”

Brown, not buying any of it, pressed Marshall on whether those responsible for attempting to overthrow the federal government should be held accountable.

“As we try to move on and we look at the ripple effect from what happened there with the election, how do those actions square with your Republican values as limited government, states rights, federalism, how does that line up with wanting to throw out millions of votes and advocating for millions of votes to be thrown out in several states?” asked Brown.

The propaganda is strong with this one.

“Yeah, well, Pamela, we want voting to be easier, cheating to be harder. So I think by us standing up with our concerns about those elections, about election integrity, it’s forced those states with their problems to come back to the table and have those legislatures to work together to make sure we have safer elections with higher integrity. Again, making it easier to vote, harder to cheat. So, in my heart, I did what I thought was the right thing and I think the country’s moving in the right direction,” Marshall said.

Marshall’s answer is utter nonsense. Republicans in dozens of states are pushing for draconian restrictions on who can vote and when – the most infamous example is a recent law in Georgia that has been dubbed a modern day version of Jim Crow.

Brown used the last few seconds of airtime to ping Marshall for violating the constitutional rights of states to certify their own elections.

Watch below:


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