GOP Senate Candidate Doug Collins Blasts Recently Deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Georgia Congressman and senate hopeful Doug Collins has a history of making disgraceful comments. The Republican lawmaker faced controversy back in January of this year for claiming that Democrats are “in love with terrorists.”

Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images

Upon the event of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night, most Republican politicians were able to contain their excitement. Collins, however, was not one of them. The Georgian took to Twitter to blast Bader-Ginsburg over abortion voting record.

Collins wrote, “RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended pro-abortion laws. With Donald Trump nominating a replacement that values human life, generations of unborn children have a chance to live.”

The message drew immediate condemnation. CNN legal analyst Sophia Nelson responded, “This tweet is f’d up even for Doug Collins. White conservative men smell blood in the water. They don’t give a damn about unborn babies. They care about telling women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. So disrespectful. So brazen. So typical.”

Devin Pandy was set to be Collins’ democratic congressional opponent before Collins decided to run for a senate seat. Pandy wrote, “A depraved soul you are, Doug Collins. If you wanted to ethically reduce abortion numbers you’d support universal healthcare & family planning resources – Not invade women’s privacy & deprive them liberty, condone forced hysterectomies, & defile the departed.”

Collins is battling fellow Republican Kelly Loeffler for her Georgia senate seat. He has the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

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