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GOP Senate Candidate Calls Anti-Defamation League ‘Jew-Haters’ After Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Holocaust

GOP Senate Candidate Calls Anti-Defamation League ‘Jew-Haters’ After Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Holocaust

Twice-failed Republican United States Senate candidate and former Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel compared President Joe Biden’s employer vaccine mandate with the Nazi Gestapo in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday evening.


“Hey guys. It’s Thursday night September 9th. I’m driving through western Ohio. We’re driving through a cornfield near a town called Logansville, Ohio. My blood is boiling enraged at what I’ve seen from the White House today, trampling on our freedom, trampling on our liberty, trampling on what I took an oath to defend when I joined the Marine Corps,” Mandel said while standing in front of a campaign sign leftover from ex-president Donald Trump’s unsuccessful bid for a second term.

“Joe Biden — I’m not even going to call him President Biden, he’s not — Joe Biden is creating a constitutional crisis. As I was driving through this cornfield, I literally came across this sign, this Trump sign. He is my president,” Mandel continued.

“And I am hoping and praying that the Supreme Court justices that he appointed to the US Supreme Court will do the right thing and stand up for the Constitution, stand up for our freedom, stand up for our liberty,” he added, perhaps unaware that the Supreme Court has upheld vaccine mandates in the past.

“And if they don’t, I call on my fellow Americans, do not comply. Do not comply with the tyranny. And when the Gestapo show up at your front door, you know what to do,” Mandel concluded, although he did not provide any instructions.

Watch below:

The Anti-Defamation League, a domestic hate group watchdog, caught wind of Mandel’s ridiculous remarks and condemned him for invoking the Holocaust.

“Being asked to wear a mask or take an FDA-approved vaccine is not equivalent to the actions of the Gestapo in Nazi-era Germany or the systemic annihilation of an entire group of people. These comparisons are beyond the pale and need to stop,” the organization tweeted. “Josh Mandel needs to apologize.”

Yet instead of doing the right thing, Mandel dug his heels in deeper, writing that the ADL is comprised of “Jew-haters” who want to destroy the “Judeo-Christian bedrock” of the United States.

Mandel, who is Jewish, also referred to ADL’s Chief Executive Officer Josh Greenblatt as a “kapo,” or a concentration camp prisoner who was coerced by Nazi guards into overseeing other prisoners.

“Hi, ADL, I will not stop. I will not apologize. It’s you and kapo Josh Greenblatt that should apologize. As you guys play footsie with Jew-haters, I will keep fighting alongside Patriots like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiac as we defend the Judeo-Christian bedrock of America,” he said.


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