GOP Sen: Rich People Shouldn’t Be Entitled to Electric Car Tax Credits

Donald Trump does not have a number of signature achievements since becoming the Commander in Chief. His supporters will point to the number of judges he had appointed, including two on the Supreme Court. He also pushed through a tax cut that detractors say overwhelmingly favors the wealthiest Americans.

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Candidates on the Democratic side, especially Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have slammed the large amount of tax benefits given to the rich. Republican senator Mike Braun agrees with the duo at least in one respect. The Indiana lawmaker has called to an end of tax credits given to people who drive luxury electric cars.

Currently anyone can claim the credit regardless of the type of car or their household income. Braun would like to cap the car value at $45,000 and the income level at $326,300 for dual filers.

The lawmaker said in a statement, “I know we need to promote vehicles that reduce our carbon footprint, but it doesn’t need to be in the form of tax breaks for the wealthy and their luxury vehicles.”

Braun continued, “With Bernie Sanders on pace to secure the Democrat nomination, these two bills should be a slam-dunk for legislators who want to protect the environment while limiting tax breaks for the super wealthy.”

This is not the first time that the issue has been discussed in the senate. Last year, a bi-partisan groups discussed looking into how many cars were sold by each automaker and looked into ways to ensure those cars were made in America.


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