GOP Sen: People Are Refusing to Get Vaccinated Because They’re Mad That Biden Told Them to Wear Masks

Prior to vaccinations being developed, the use of masks and social distancing was the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The wearing of masks was quite a simple request. Still, a number of Conservatives in America felt that it was way too big of an ask.

Image Via USDA/Flickr

These same Conservatives have been showing a resistance to getting COVID vaccine shots. During a Thursday hearing, Roger Marshall has a strange theory as to why this is happening. The Kansas senator said people are avoiding the shot because they’re still made about being asked to wear masks.

Marshall, who amazing enough is a Doctor, made the comments while speaking to Anthony Fauci. He began, “President Biden recently said that we should all wear masks until everyone is vaccinated — that’s probably the worst thing that could have been said for compliance.”

The Kansas lawmaker continued, “So many people have said, ‘Why would I go get a vaccine when the President says we have to keep wearing masks until everyone’s vaccinated?”

Without allowing Dr. Fauci to answer, Marshall ended his rant, “We Americans feel like the goal line keeps moving. And I understand your fear of different variants and all those different things going on here, but where is the science that clearly shows wearing masks is helpful after you’ve had the vaccine?”

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