GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander Says Witnesses Aren’t Needed Because It’s Clear Trump Did What He’s Accused Of

There aren’t too many senators who may have voted for witnesses in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Democrats were holding out hope for Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski to decide to hear more. Soon to be retiring Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander was another target.


Those hopes were dashed on Thursday night when Alexander announced that he wouldn’t be voting for the motion. In his explanation as to why, the senator said it was proven that Trump had done what Democrats said he did, it just wasn’t impeachable.

The senator began, “I worked with other senators to make sure that we have the right to ask for more documents and witnesses, but there is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the U.S. Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense.”

In another of his 15 tweets, Alexander wrote, “There is no need for more evidence to conclude that the president withheld United States aid, at least in part, to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens; the House managers have proved this with what they call a “mountain of overwhelming evidence.”

The veteran senator was blasted for his odd reasoning. The most cogent response may have come from poll analyst Josh Jordan. He wrote, “Just stunning for Lamar Alexander to say that he’s against witnesses because he knows Trump is guilty of withholding aid to Ukraine for investigations to help himself politically. The precedent this sets will come back to haunt Republicans someday, and they will all deserve it.”

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