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GOP Sen. Cornyn: Trump Has Been Surrounded by Grifters

GOP Sen. Cornyn: Trump Has Been Surrounded by Grifters

Donald Trump made a number of different promises during the run-up to the 2016 election. One of the most often repeated, was that he would “drain the swamp.” The claim seems questionable at this point with the President’s former lawyer, campaign manager and National Security Adviser all facing jail time.

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Some Republicans, like Texas’ John Cornyn are now willing to admit that Trump isn’t hiring the best. The senator told Face The Nation’s Margaret Brennan that, “it’s no secret that Trump is surrounded by grifters.”

The host Brennan asked Cornyn, “And you certainly would have knowledge, since you’re on Senate intelligence on that. But given what you’re saying are Lev Parnas’ ties to Russian oligarchs, which is often shorthand for Russian mafia, doesn’t it trouble you that he was working so closely with Rudy Giuliani, who is acting on the president’s behalf and saying he was acting on the president’s behalf?”

The senator answered the question by attempting to undermine the credibility of witnesses like Lev Parnas:

“Well, there’s no question that there have been a- a series of grifters and other hangers on that have associated themselves with the president’s campaign or claimed to have special relationships with the president,” said Cornyn. “But this is not the issue that the Senate’s going to be deciding. We’ll take the issue of evidence as it comes. If the impeachment managers want to rest their case on the credibility of somebody who’s under indictment in the Southern District of New York with extensive ties to Russian oligarchs and organized crime, as you point out, then that’s their choice.”

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